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What is Bearbrick 1000?

Beabrick 1000

As the largest and most sought-after size of Bearbricks, Bearbrick 1000 (or Bearbrick 1000%) stands out among the various sizes.

Bearbrick 1000 is the subject of this article, which explores its features, history, and collectibility. As well as measuring and comparing it with other Bearbrick sizes, we will also look at their dimensions and prices.

What is Bearbrick 1000?

The Bearbrick 1000 is a giant-sized version of the popular Bearbrick toy figure that has been immensely popular with children. It stands at an impressive height of 70cm (27.5 inches) and is 1000% bigger than the standard-size Bearbrick 100 with a height of 70 cm (27.5 inches). It is a simple but distinctive design, featuring a bear-like figure with a brick-shaped head, which adds to the uniqueness of the design.

Bearbrick 1000 1

Bearbrick 1000 1

The 20th Anniversary Chrome Bearbick is based on the original model

Bearbrick 1000 features

A Bearbrick 1000 measures 70cm (27.5 inches) in height, making it the largest Bearbrick size available.

There are articulating joints on the figure, which makes it as poseable as a Lego figure. It is also available in a variety of designs, including collaborations with brands, artists, and even movie franchises (more on themes later).


Which size is best for Bearbrick 1000?

There are different sizes available for Bearbrick, each with its own features and dimensions that make it unique from the others. There is a table below that compares the dimensions and price of each size based on the dimensions and the size.

Bearbrick 1000 2

Bearbrick 1000 2

1000 Bearbrick Themes

The variety of themes that Bearbrick 1000s come in is one of the most exciting aspects of collecting them. Every interest and taste is catered to with the Bearbrick 1000, from popular culture icons to exclusive collaborations with fashion brands.

Among Bearbrick 1000’s most popular themes are collaborations with high-end fashion brands such as Chanel, BAPE, and KAWS. Collectors seek out these exclusive collaborations because of their unique designs and limited edition releases.

Bearbrick 1000 1 4

Bearbrick 1000 1 4

There are also Bearbrick 1000 themes inspired by classic movies, such as Star Wars and Marvel, with intricate detailing and high-quality paint jobs. At first glance, the bear frame is hidden in these designs.

Bearbrick 1000 is based on Batman

A variety of Bearbrick 1000s are also available with themes based on popular music artists, including Michael Jackson and Daft Punk.

In addition to these themes, Bearbrick 1000 also comes in a variety of unique designs created by artists and designers, often with large-scale prints and patterns that are larger than life.


Bearbrick 1000s have many different themes, and this is one of the reasons they have become such a popular collectible. Collectors can always add to their collection with new releases and collaborations regularly.

How to Identify an Authentic Bearbrick 1000

As Bearbrick has become increasingly popular, counterfeit versions have appeared on the market. There are a few things to look for when buying an authentic Bearbrick 1000:

The first thing you should do is check the authenticity sticker on the box. There should be a hologram and a unique serial number on this sticker.

The second step is to check the joints of the figure. The joints of an authentic Bearbrick 1000 are tight and smooth, whereas the joints of a counterfeit Bearbrick 1000 may be loose and rough.

Lastly, check the paintwork and details on the figure. It is an authentic Bearbrick 1000 that has precise details and high-quality paintwork, whereas counterfeits may have sloppy paintwork and lack details.

The collectibility of Bearbrick 1000

The Bearbrick 1000 has become a highly collectable item among Bearbrick enthusiasts as a result of its size and limited availability.

There is often a limited quantity produced of each release of Bearbrick 1000, which makes it difficult to acquire them. Bearbrick 1000 is a valuable addition to any collection as a combination of its scarcity, as well as the collaboration designs that make it unique.

There are times when Bearbrick 1000’s retail value can increase over time, especially if it’s a rare or limited edition, but more recently we’ve seen that secondary markets aren’t as stable as retail values.

You should only buy Bearbrick if you like the designs and always keep an eye out for Bearbrick 1000 sales to get the most affordable prices.

Where to Buy Bearbrick 1000

There are speciality toy stores, online marketplaces, and even auctions where you can find Bearbrick 1000.

It is possible to see the latest SERIES45 on Bearbrick’s, which has some links to where to purchase the set (from Japan). On mct. Tokyo, you can also find them for sale but remember to pay postage and import fees.

If you are located outside of Japan, then you can find Beabrick 1000 on websites such as Sideshow, which is a great option if you are in the US and want to avoid having to pay expensive import or shipping fees.

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